Specialty Gardens

specialty1Butterfly/Hummingbird – You can invite nature’s gems into your garden. It’s easy! Choose a sunny location, select brilliantly colored flowers that bloom in different seasons and grow to different heights, plant multiples of the same variety and enjoy your new friends. For a listing of perennials, refer to the Helpful Lists- Butterflies/Hummingbirds.

Cut flower – Enjoy the fruits of your labor both outdoors and indoors. Design a cut flower garden that will provide you lasting color in your home. Whether it be fresh or dried flowers. Select varieties that are aromatic, combine well in arrangements (fresh and dried) and have different textures and colors. Remember, unique foliage (ornamental grasses, hosta, etc.) can also be used to add the look you’re trying to achieve. For a listing of perennials, refer to the Helpful Lists- Cut Flowers.

Herb – In the last decade there has been a rekindled interest in the magic of herbs and herb gardening. Perhaps gardeners are rediscovering herbs due to our increasing awareness of good nutrition and good health. Herb gardens are easy to grow, they look beautiful, smell wonderful and are relatively care-free. Herbs have so many diverse uses. Somespecialty2 uses include: culinary, vinegars, cosmetics, medicinal, potpourris, insect repellent or simply to add texture and aroma to a perennial border.

Native Prairie – Help restore our land by using native plants. If you have the desire and interest in improving our environment by using native plants for soil, water and habitat conservation, this type of gardening is right up your alley. Native gardening creates attractive, natural landscapes that can support a diversity of wildlife. For a listing of perennials, refer to the Helpful Lists – Native Prairie.

Water – Water evokes peace and tranquility. Humans in general are attracted to water. So, whether it be a large or small pond, you can expect much enjoyment to come from water gardening. There are a number of perennials that thrive in the waterspecialty3 or along side of a wet area companioned with traditional water plants. A few varieties of ornamental grasses, iris’s, Lysimachia, and mints are some that love the water. For a listing of other perennials, refer to the Helpful Lists- Water/Bog Plants.

Wildflower – For many, taking leisurely hikes through the woods can be very relaxing and interesting identifying different plant species. In our busy lives you may not have the time to do this as often as you wish. So why not plant a little of this paradise in your own yard. Wildflowers are generally short bloomed, but are eagerly anticipated each year.