About Mayfield Nursery

about-1Mayfield Nursery Inc., which originally began as an apple orchard over 40 years ago, evolved in the last four decades into the growing of perennial flowering plants for the wholesale and retail marketplace. In that time period, its growth has been exceptional. Based on a business philosophy that emphasizes quality and customer service, Mayfield Nursery Inc. is rapidly becoming one of Wisconsin’s premier perennial growers. The operation now includes over 80 greenhouses producing more than three quarters of a million plants a year and services independent garden centers, nurseries, landscapers, golf courses and municipalities from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Northern Illinois and west to southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa.

Mayfield’s inventory includes the latest introductions to please even the most discriminating gardener along with durable, time-proven performers that assure success for the beginner and in low-maintenance landscape applications. As members of the Perennial Plant Association, emphasis continues to be placed on bringing the newest and best of this exciting plant group to the gardens and landscapes of the Upper Midwest.

Almost 20 years ago, we introduced our trade name ‘Green Select Perennials’. This is the name we have chosen to use on our custom labels on our product We believe ‘Green Select Perennials’ on our label will assure you that you are purchasing an excellent line of perennials specifically selected to thrive in the Midwest. Our trade name not only catches immediate attention, our name recognition is an easy way for you to identify a quality product at a good value. In turn, we hope you enjoy ‘Green Select’ perennials for years to come.