Acer Emerald Elf Maple

Produces a rounded, open form with glossy green leaves for a lush, bright green background or hedge. Creamy-white, fragrant flowers in spring and striking fall foliage that ranges from scarlet to purple makes this a fine accent. A reliable, low maintenance plant for very cold climates. Deciduous. Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Rapid growth 5 to 6 feet tall and as wide.


Amelanchier Regent Serviceberry

Compact shrub with pure white flowers followed by purple-black sweet fruit, and long oval to oblong fine-toothed, dark-green leaves; grows up to 12 feet high; prefers acidic, medium-wet soil in full sun to part shade.


Aronia Brilliant Red Chokeberry

An improved, compact selection noted for its brilliant red fall foliage and larger, more abundant glossy red fruit. Tart and bitter fruit causes choking if eaten fresh, but good for jams and jellies. White flower color. Attracts birds. Deciduous. Partial to full sun. Needs wet or constantly moist soil. Slow growing to 6 to 8 ft. tall and wide.


Aronia Glossy Black Chokeberry

Great ornamental shrub as well as good for bird habitat. White flowers in May followed by 1/4″ glossy black fruits that hang on well into the winter. Brilliant fall color. Height 4′-6′


Berberis Golden Carousel Barberry

The golden yellow leaves on this upright grower take on nice fall color with some red and orange tones. Does best when planted in areas of light shade where the leaves are protected from fading or burning in late summer. Height 4-5′ Spread 3-4′ Shape is upright. Foliage is yellow fading to green. Fall foliage is reds and oranges.


Berberis Crimson Pygmy Barberry

This popular dwarf deciduous shrub has deep crimson leaves. Plant in full sun for best leaf color. Use as a low hedge or foundation planting. Resists rust. Grows in dry conditions.Yellow flowers bloom mid spring. Height 2-3′. Width 5′.


Berberis Concorde Barberry

A diminutive purple-leaf barberry with deep maroon purple foliage that becomes even more intense during fall. Small yellow flowers followed by bright red berries. Perfect size for edging as a small hedge or for containers. Deciduous. Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Dense, rounded shrub, slow growing to just 18 in. tall and as wide. Yellow flowers bloom late spring.


Berberis Rose Glow Barberry

Graceful branching makes a wonderful hedge, barrier planting or single accent. Deep rose-red foliage is mottled with white and green in spring. Bright red berries in fall and winter. Deciduous. Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Slow grower to 5 ft. tall, 4 ft. wide.


Buxus Green Mountain Boxwood

Vigorous growing boxwood when young. Dense upright form with bright green leaves that retain their color through winter. Natural cone shaped form if left unsheared, excellent hedge. Evergreen. Partial to full sun. Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Moderate growing 5 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide. Zone 4-9


Buxus Green Velvet Boxwood

A full bodied boxwood well suited for dense, low hedges. Foliage retains its rich green color throughout winter. Vigorous, rounded form if left unsheared. Evergreen. Partial to full sun. Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Moderate growing 3 to 4 ft. tall and wide. Zone 4-9


Caragana Pygmy Peashrub

Fine texture and graceful foliage. Small yellow flowers May-June. Very Hardy. Use as foundation plant or as low informal or clipped hedge. Height 3′. Spread 4-5′. Spreading, with light green foliage. Zone 3-7


Chaenomeles Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince

Beautiful spreading shrub with fiery red, apple-blossom-like flowers that precede leaves each spring. Produces greenish-yellow fruit. Best used in shrub borders and as background plant. Deciduous. Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Moderate grower to 3 ft. tall, 5 ft. wide. Red flowers bloom early spring. Zone 4-9


Clethera Ruby Spice Summersweet

Bright pink flowers bloom in midsummer and has nice yellow fall color. Clethra is shade tolerant but will also with stand full sun. Height 3-6′. Spread 3-4′. Upright shape with green foliage. Yellow fall foliage. Zone 4-9


Comptonia peregrina Sweet Fern

A deciduous, stoloniferous shrub with slender, upright branches and fern-like foliage. Does best in acid soils and will tolerate poor, infertile soils. Full sun or part shade. Height 2-4″ Spread4-8′. Mounded shape with fern like foliage. Zone 2-5


Cornus alba Bud’s Yellow Dogwood

Upright rounded shrub that blooms small white flowers in the spring. Medium green foliage with yellow fall foliage. Height 6-8′. Spread 5-6′. Zone 3-7


Cornus alternifolia Pagoda Dogwood

Pale yellow flowers in May turn into attractive blue-black fruits. Branches grow in irregular tiers forming a somewhat horizontal plant. Leaves turn red in fall. Height 15-20′. Spread 20-25′. Medium to dark foliage turning red in fall. Zone 4-7


Cornus baileyi Red Twigged Dogwood

An excellent red stem dogwood that provides beautiful color in winter. Porcelain-blue fruits. Shade tolerant. Very adaptable. Height 8-10′. Spread 8-10′. Rounded shape with green foliage turning red-purple in fall. Zone 2-7


Corylus avellana Harry Lauder’s Walkingstick

Unique deciduous shrub with interesting gnarled and twisted branches. Terrific fall foliage color; showy greenish-yellow catkins brighten the winter scene. Does well in large containers. Will not produce suckers common from the understock of grafted plants. Full sun. Once established, needs only occasional watering. Slow grower to 8 to 10 ft. tall and wide. Yellow flowers bloom winter to early spring. Zone 3-9


Cotoneaster lucidus Hedge Cotoneaster

Excellent hedge plant that with stands pruning. Small pink flowers bloom in spring and are followed by black fruit. Height 8-10′. Spread 4-5′. Upright shape with dark green foliage turning red in fall. Zone 2-6


Euonymus alatus Grove Dwarf Burning Bush

Habit is mounded and compact rather than upright. Will tolerate shade, but should be planted in sun for the most dramatic fall color. Height 5-6″. Spread 6-8″. Medium green foliage turning brilliant red in fall. Zone 4-8


Euonymus alatus Rudy Haag Burning Bush

Very compact, slow grower has consistent pink-red fall color, excellent habit and form. Full sun for best performance. Height 4-5′. Spread 4-5′ Zone 5-8


Forsythia Meadowlark Forsythia

A shrub with superior flower bud hardiness and showy, bright yellow spring flowers. Performs best in full sun. Height 8-10′. Spread 6-10′. Semi-arching shape with dark green foliage. Zone 3-8


Forsythia Dwarf Forsythia

Bright yellow blooms in early spring. In fall foliage turns bronze color. Great for mass plantings or low hedges. Height 2-3′. Spread 2-3′. Compact, flat topped shape with bright green foliage turning bronze in fall. Zone 5-8

Forsythia Green Stem


Hydrangea Annabelle

A compact, fast-growing shrub, Annabelle Hydrangea works well mixed with other colors of hydrangea. Annabelle Hydrangea blooms from midsummer through first frost. Height and Width 4′. Zone 3-10


Hydrangea Endless Summer Blushing Bride

Upright, rounded shape with dark green foliage. The flower mops are at least 6″ across with pure white blooms and semi double florets. The blooms mature with a light pink blush. Height 3-6′. Spread 3-6′ Zone 4-9


Hydrangea Endless Summer Twist and Shout

Lacy deep pink centers are surrounded by blooms of pink or periwinkle blue, depending on soil type. Sturdy red stems and glossy green leaves turn red-burgundy in fall, to offer year round interest. Easy to care for. Height 3-5′. Spread 3-4′. Zone 4-9


Hydrangea paniculata Compact Pee Gee

A compact form of PeeGee Hydrangea. Matures to about half the size of PeeGee, with smaller leaves and flowers. Height 6′. Spread 6-7′. Rounded shape with dark green foliage. Zone 3-8


Hydrangea Grandiflora Pee Gee

Blooms in July and August. Very showy, large , conical, double white flowers change to pink-bronze towards autumn. Height 8′. Spread 10-15′. Upright rounded shape with dark green foliage. Zone 3-8


Hydrangea paniculata Pinky Winky

The large white panicles open in mid to late summer, and as summer turns to fall the florets at the base of the panicles turn pink. The flower panicles continue to grow, producing new white florets at the tip. The result is spectacular two-toned flower panicles that can reach up to 16 inches in length! This is a real show-stopper that’s also very easy to grow. Adaptable to most soils and both sun and shade, Pinky Winky will thrive in most gardens. Zone3-9


Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf

Blooms in mid July, flower clusters are erect panicles 4-10 inches high, with sterile outer florets. Leaves about the shape of Red Oak. White flowers turn pink in August. Grows in sunny and dry conditions but will also do well in shade. Height 4-6′. Spread 3-5′. Green foliage turning red-purple in fall. Zone 5-9


Hypericum Kalm St Johnswort

A hardy form of Hypericum. Perfectly rounded shrub with masses of beautiful 1″ golden yellow flowers that bloom in mid summer. Height 2-3′. Spread 2-3′. Green foliage. Zone 4-7


Ilex verticillata Jim Dandy Winterberry

Blooms early. Male selection used to pollinate Aurantiaca, Afterglow and Red Sprite. Height 3-6′. Spread 4-5′. Rounded shape with deep green foliage turning yellow-green to purple-bronze. Zone 4-9


Ligustrum vulgare Cheyenne Privet

White flowers. Height 10-15′. Spread 5-6′. Upright shape with glossy dee green foliage. Zone 4-8


Lonicera Claveys Dwarf Honeysuckle

Compact Honeysuckle with yellow flowers in May and red berries in the fall. Shears well for use as a hedge. Height 6-8′. Spread 5-6′. Rounded shape with compact gray-green foliage. Zone 3-7


Lonicera Emerald Mound Honeysuckle

One of the earliest shrubs to leaf out in spring. Yellow-white flowers. Dark red berries in the fall. Height 2-3′. Spread 4-6′. Mounded shape with bright green foliage. Zone 4-8


Philadelphus Golden Mockorange

Popular golden leaf shrub with fragrant single white flowers in June and nice compact form. A good accent plant. Height 3-6′. Spread 4-5′. Compact shape with golden foliage. Zone 4-8


Philadelphus Blizzard Mockorange

Blooms in June for up to 4 weeks with single white fragrant flowers borne in clusters. It forms a medium upright shrub that is tolerant of full sun. Height 4-5′. Spread 3′. Upright shape with green foliage. Zone 3-7


Philadelphus Miniature Snowflake Mockorange

Compact, prolific bloomer. Dwarf habit and excellent flowering. The double white flowers are extremely fragrant. Height 2-3′. Spread 1-2′. Dwarf, compact upright shape with dark green foliage. Zone 4-8


Philadelphus Minnesota Snowflake Mockorange

A free-flowering, winter hardy form with very fragrant, double pure white flowers, foliage is dark green. Blooms several times during season. Height 6-8′. Spread 5-6′. Arching, vase shape with green foliage. Zone 4-8


Physocarpus Center Glow Ninebark

Striking newly emerging foliage is bright rosy red with a golden yellow center. Foliage matures to deep burgundy followed by clusters of contrasting white flowers and finally bright red fruit. A great background shrub or informal hedge. Deciduous. Full sun. Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Moderate growing to 6 to 8 ft. tall and wide. Summer bloomer. Zone 2-8

Physocarpus Diablo Ninebark

Beautiful red-purple foliage on long arching canes. Forms a beautiful rounded mound of foliage and even though it gets quite tall, can be controlled by cutting branches back to the ground each spring. Blooms in spring with creamy white flowers that contrast nicely against the dark foliage. Plant in full sun for best foliage color. Height 8-10′. Spread 8-10′. Zone 3-7


Physpcarpus Nanus Dwarf Ninebark

Excellent for hedges, does well in shaded areas. Beautiful white flowers in May and June followed by numerous seed pods. Height 4-6′. Spread 4-6′. Dwarf, dense and bushy with small green foliage. Zone 2-7


Physocarpus Nugget Ninebark

Superior habit and growth characteristics. Fine textured foliage emerges to a deep golden yellow with a hint of bronze and matures to lime-green. Compact, dense and bushy, works well where a medium-low shrub is needed. Height 6′. Spread 5′. Zone 3-7


Potentilla fruticosa Abbotswood

Excellent dwarf shrub providing brilliant summer color. Masses of bright white blooms at a time when few plants flower. Use as a border, mass planting or as an accent. Deciduous. Full sun. Moderate grower to 2 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide. Zone 3-7


Potentilla fruticosa Gold Drop

Abundant, lemon yellow, 7/8″ flowers bloom all summer long. Ideal for foundation or border plantings. Height 2′. Spread 2-3′. Compact shape with green, fern-like foliage. Zone 2-7


Potentilla fruticosa Goldfinger

Showy golden flowers, up to 1.5″ in diameter bloom all summer long. Compact habit and showy display. Height 3′. Spread 3-4′. Zone 2-7


Potentilla fruticosa Katherine Dykes

Beautiful soft yellow flowers are 1″ in diameter and bloom throughout the summer. Distinct silver-green foliage. Low arching plant ideal for mass plantings. very hardy. Height 2-3′. Spread 3-4′. Zone 2-7


Potentilla fruticosa McKay’s White

A sport of Katherine Dykes with creamy white flowers that hold up well. Mounded shape with soft green foliage. Height 2-2.5′. Spread 2-3′. Zone 2-7


Potentilla fruticosa Yellow Gem

The young twigs are red, contrasting with gray-green foliage, lobed leaves. Attractive bright yellow flowers with five ruffled petals. Blooms May to hard frost. Height 1-2′. Spread 3-4′. Low, spreading shape with gray foliage. Zone 2-5


Prunus glandulosa Pink Flowering Almond

One of the most lovely of all flowering shrubs! Branches are simply covered with a profusion of delicate blooms in early to mid spring. Small, ruffled, pink double blooms completely cover the branches! Lovely foliage is appealing all season. 3-4′ tall with similar spread. Partial shade to full sun. Zone 4-8


Prunus x cistena Purpleleaf Sand Cherry

Flowers in spring are pink and fragrant. Very Hardy. Upright, oval shape with rich purple-red foliage. Height 6-8′. Spread 5-6′. Zone 3-8


Rhododendron Hi Lights Azelea Cream

Blooms are a creamy white with yellow upper lip petals. The fall foliage is an outstanding bronzed burgundy. Upright, rounded shape with deep green foliage turning burgundy purple in the fall. Height 4-5′. Spread 5′. Zone 4-7


Rhododendron White Lights Azalea White

Flower buds are pale delicate pink in the balloon stage. Upon initial opening the flowers have a pink tinge which fades at full bloom to give a virtually white appearance. Rounded shape with dark green foliage turning bronze-purple in fall. Height 5-6′. Spread 5-6′. Zone 4-7


Rhododendron Orchid Lights Azelea Lilac

Dwarf compact form with fine textured leaves and branches and beautiful bright yellow fall color. Soft lilac flowers are about 1-1.25″ across and cover the plant when in bloom. Height 2-3′. Spread 2-3′. Zone 4-7


Rhododendron Rosy Lights Azelea Rose

Rosy Lights is a dark rose-pink. Fragrant flowers are produced in late May or early June. Spreading shape with green foliage. Height 4-5′. Spread 5-6′. Zone 4-7


Rhododendron P.J.M Mauve

One of the hardiest Rhododendrons for the upper midwest. Masses of mauve flowers bloom in spring putting on a spectacular show. An evergreen with glossy green foliage throughout the growing season changing to a purple in fall. Need acid, well-drained soil for best performance. Height 4-5′. Spread 3-5′. Zone 4-7


Rhus aromatica Gro-Low

Excellent for mass beds and bank control, this low growing Sumac has fragrant small yellow flowers in spring followed by velvety red fruit. The fall foliage is spectacular. Best when planted in full sun, plants should be cut back for best bud break. Height 2-5′. Spread 6-8′. Zone 3-8


Ribes alphinum Alpine Currant

Dense glossy leafed shrub suitable for hedges in open or shady area. Small greenish flowers in April-May. Responsive to shearing. Sun or Shade. Height 3-5′. Spread 5-6′. Zone 2-7


Ribes alphinum Green Mound Alpine Currant

Leafs out early in spring, retains leaves all summer and grows in sun or shade. Dense, compact form with good resistance to leaf disease. More of a mounded, spreading form compared to Alpine Currant. A nice slow-growing hedge plant that needs less pruning and maintenance than Alpine Currant. Height 3-4′. Spread 2-3′. Zone 2-7


Salix integra Nishiki Willow

A lovely small shrub with pink stems and buds that open to dappled green, pink and white foliage. Some leaves will be all white. The stems are graceful and spreading. Best in partial shade. Height 4-6′. Spread 4-6′. Zone 4-7


Sambucus canadensis Golden Elderberry

Tiny white blooms. Cherry red fruits. Hardy, rapid growing shrub. Does well in wet areas. Sun or partial shade. Height 8-10′. Spread 8-12′. Zone 3-9


Sambucus nigra Black Lace Elderberry

A totally new type of Elderberry. The dark purple, finely cut foliage has an exotic appeal usually found only in Japanese Maples. Pink buds open to lacy white blossoms in May to June. Excellent specimen plant and also attractive in large containers. Height 8-10′. Spread 8-10′. Zone 4-7


Spirea albiflora Japanese White

A fine July-August blooming, low white Spirea with flowers in rounded or flat clusters. Foundation or border planting. Sun or light shade. Blooms on new wood, prune back in spring. Height 2′. Spread 2′. Zone 3-8


Spirea arguta Compacta Dwarf Garland

Dwarf, compact form of Garland Spirea. Masses of small single white flowers in early spring. Excellent for shrub border or specimen plant. Height 4-5′. Spread 2-3′. Zone 4-8


Spirea Goldmound Pink

bushy plant with pink flowers in June-July. Outstanding small colorful foliage plant for accent or contrast in the foundation planting or shrub border. Full sun. Height 18-24″. Spread 2-3′. Zone 3-8


Spirea japonica Daphne Spirea Pink

Small leaves on short wiry branches, each tipped with a cluster of light pink flowers. A refined tidy groundcover. Best in sun. Height 12-15″. Spread 2-3′. Zone 4-8


Spirea japonica Dakota Goldcharm Spirea

Extremely dwarf gold-leaved variety with bright pink flowers in early summer and repeating some through the remainder of the growing season. New leaves are light bronze before maturing to yellowish gold. Full Sun. Height 15-18″. Spread 2-3′. Zone 3-8


Spirea japonica Little Princess Spirea

Similar to Daphne Spirea. Small leaves on short wiry stems. Pretty pink flowers bloom in summer. Excellent groundcover or dwarf specimen shrub. Dark red fall color. Sun or light shade. Height 2-2.5′. Spread 3′. Zone 3-8


Spirea japonica Magic Carpet Spirea

Vibrant red shoots emerge in spring and mature into rich bronze, red-tipped foliage. Clusters of deep pink flowers cover the plant in early summer and contrast nicely with the foliage. In fall the foliage takes on rich russet tones that remain colorful well into November. Does best in full sun. Height 18″. Spread 2′. Zone 3-8


Spirea japonica Neon Flash Spirea

A newer Spiraea cultivar with a vigorous growth habit. Covered with cherry bright red flower clusters throughout the growing season. New growth has a tinge of purple before turning green. Height 3′. Spread 3′. Zone 4-8

Spirea prunifolia Bridalwreath Spirea

An old favorite with double white flowers. Flowers are produced abundantly on arching branches in early spring before leaves appear. Height 5-9′. Spread 6-8′. Zone 4-7


Spirea x bumalda Anthony Waterer

Attractive rose-pink flowers in June and July. Also useful as a flowering hedge. Noted for long season of bloom in areas with a cool climate. Height 2-3′. Spread 4-5′. Zone 4-8


Spirea x bumalda Goldflame Spirea

Brilliant red new growth changing to golden yellow then to green. Beautiful crimson flowers in midsummer. Trouble-free accent or foundation plant. Height 2-3′. Spread 3-4′. Zone 3-8


Spirea x vanhoutei Renaissance Spirea

This outstanding Spirea is similar in all other respects to Vanhoutte, including beautiful white blooms. Vase shaped with dark blue-green foliage turning orange-red in fall. Height 5-7′. Spread 6-8′. Zone 3-7


Stephanandra incisa Crispa Cutleaf

Small yellow-white flowers in June. Branches are slender and grow in a zig-zag pattern. Use for dense compact groundcover, effective for erosion control. Does well in light shade. Height 1-2′. Spread 3-6′. Zone 4-7


Syringa meyeri Dwarf Korean Lilac

This dwarf variety has an excellent uniform habit and red-purple buds that open to fragrant, single, pale lilac flowers. Previously known as Syringa palibiniana, it bears profuse blooms at an early age. Height 5-7″. Spread 5-7′. Zone 3-7


Syringa Bailbelle Tinkerbelle Lilac Pink

It exhibits a growth habit and bloom time similar to Dwarf Korean, but with a pleasing spicy fragrance and incredible wine-red flower buds that open to pink. Upright shape. Height 5-6′. Spread 4-5′. Zone 3-7


Syringa Minuet Lilac Lavender

Growth rate about half as fast as most of the late lilacs, (5 feet in 10 years). Its large dark green leaves fully clothe branches, as light purple flower buds open to single, soft white-pink blooms. This lilac does not sucker to any extent. Height 6-8′. Spread 4-6′. Zone 2-7


Syringa patula Miss Kim

This hardy Lilac from Korea has purple buds that open to single, fragrant, pale lilac flowers when other lilacs have finished. Also known as Syringa velutina. Beautiful burgundy-red fall color. Height 6-7′. Spread 5-6′. Zone 3-7


Syringa vulgaris Monge Lilac

This outstanding French hybrid lilac has showy panicles of single, red-purple florets. The flowers are held on long stems that lend themselves to great cut flowers. Height 10-12′. Spread 8-12′. Zone 3-7


Syringa vulgaris President Grevy Lilac Blue

This vigorous, upright grower produces large panicles of starry, double lilac-blue florets. Rarely to never fed on by Japanese beetles. Height 10-12′. Spread 8′. Zone 3-7


Syringa x hyacinthiflora Mount Baker Lilac

The cultivar is very hardy and blooms before French Hybrid Lilacs. Single white blossom. Large shrub for background use. Profuse bloomer. Height 10-12′. Spread 10-12′. Zone 2-7


Syringa x hyacinthiflora Pocahontas Lilac

Deep maroon-purple buds open to single deep violet florets. A profuse bloomer, covering plant with purple blossoms in spring prior to the French Hybrid Lilacs. Noted for exceptional hardiness and vigor. Height 10-12′. Spread 10-12′. Zone 2-7


Viburnum dentatum Arrowwood

White, flat-topped flowers in June, followed by edible blue-black berries. Food source for wildlife. An excellent shrub for wet soils, hedges, or mass planting. Sun or partial shade. Height 10-12′. Spread 10-12′. Zone 3-8


Viburnum dentatum Blue Muffin Arrowwood

Compact selection of Arrowwood Viburnum. In spring the plant is covered with beautiful white flowers, then late in summer clusters of rich blue berries form. Great as low hedge or in foundation planting. Full sun to shade and most soil types. Height 5-7′. Spread 4-6′. Zone 3-9


Viburnum Emerald Triumph

Hardiness, looks and disease resistance make this a great shrub. It is easy to grow and low maintenance. White flowers, deep green glossy foliage and red to black fruits. Bronze to dark red fall color. Height 5-6′. Spread 6′. Zone 4-7


Viburnum lantana Mohican

Compact growth, creamy white, flat topped flowers cover the plant in April or early May, followed by orange-red fruit in early July lasting a month before turning black in fall. Makes a nice hedge. Height 6′. Spread 6-8′. Zone 3-7


Viburnum Dwarf European Cranberrybush

An extremely dense mounded form, requires no trimming. Foundation plant or low hedge. Does well in sun or light shade and wet or heavy soils. Rarely flowers. Height 2-3′.. Spread 2-4′. Zone 4-8


Viburnum Common Snowball

Large double white flowers bloom profusely in April-May. Rounded shape with green foliage. Height 10-12′. Spread 10-12′. Zone 3-8


Viburnum Newport Dwarf Doublefile

Compact with showy snowball-like flower clusters in spring. Small, thick quilted deep green foliage throughout summer, turns to burgundy in fall. Nice hedge or accent plant. Height 4-5′. Spread 3′. Zone 5-8


Viburnum Alfredo Compact American Cranberry

Compact, rounded shape with attractive green foliage turning red in fall. Height 5-6′. Spread 5-6′. Zone 2-7


Weigela Dark Horse

Magenta pink flowers stand out against the bronze foliage and lime venation. Beautiful low maintenance plant for foundations, for groups in borders or as a low hedge. Attractive to birds and butterflies. Height 2-3′. Spread 2-3′. Zone 4-8


Weigela French Lace

Variegated weigela has dark red flowers that contrast nicely with the yellow and green foliage. Height 4-5′. Spread 4-5′. Zone 4-8


Weigela Java Red

Compact, mounded form with deep green foliage flushed with red all season long. Flower buds are red, opening to dark pink flowers in May and June. Height 3-4′. Spread 4-5′. Zone 4-8


Weigela Midnight Wine

One of the smallest Weigelas. Low, mounding plant with incredible metallic burgundy-purple foliage which really shows off the deep pink flowers. Height 10-12″. Spread 24″ + Zone 5-8


Weigela Minuet

Flowers freely, slightly fragrant. Corolla tube and outer corolla is ruby red, petal lobes lilac purple, throat is yellow. Hardier than other dwarf cultivars. Height 24-30″. Spread 2-3′. Zone 4-8


Weigela My Monet

This little masterpiece has a compact habit and colorful foliage, not to mention purplish-pink blossoms, and is very versatile. Attractive in drifts along annual or perennial borders. May also be used as an accent in a decorative container. Adds all-season color to any garden situation. Height 12-18″. Spread 12-15″. Zone 4-8


Weigela Polka

Attractive clear pink flowers with a yellow inner throat. Profuse bloomer. Compact grower with thick, dark green leaves. Height 3-4′. Spread 4-5′. Zone 4-8


Weigela Red Prince

The most important characteristic of this plant is its ability to hold its flower color (red) as they age rather than taking on a purplish tint which often happens with other varieties. Hardier than W. vaniceki. Tendency for a secondary bloom in late summer, particularly if spring bloom was sparse. Height 5-6′. Spread 5-6′. Zone 4-8


Weigela Rumba

A compact shrub of up to 3 feet in height and spread. Bronze-purple tinged leaves and dark red flowers with a yellow throat. Flowers from June to September. Height 3′. Spread 3′. Zone 4-8


Weigela Samba

A rounded compact shrub. Dark green leaves are edged with purple. Numerous small dark pink to purple flowers with yellow throats in May and June. Improved hardiness. The new growth is tinged copper. Full sun to part shade. Well-drained garden soil. Height 3′. Spread 3′. Zone 4-8


Weigela Tango

Tango has a compact, bushy habit with standout purple foliage. The flowers are a beautiful red with a yellow throat and contrast nicely with the foliage. Plant in full sun for best performance. Height 2-2.5′. Spread 2.5-3′. Zone 4-8


Weigela Variegated

An attractive plant with leaves edged in pale yellow to creamy white. Flowers are deep rose. A compact grower. Height 4-6′. Spread 6-8′. Zone 5-8


Weigela Wine & Roses

Wine & RosesĀ® has incredibly dark burgundy-purple foliage which really sets off the rosy-pink flowers. Rounded shape. Height 4-5′. Spread 3-5′. Zone 5-8