Adelaide Hoodless

This Parkland Series rose blooms abundantly from early summer until frost on strong canes covered in glossy foliage. The dark red buds appear in clusters of up to 35 that open to blooms ranging from bright red to deep reddish-pink, followed by small orange hips.


Alexander Mackenzie

The cupped blooms of this Explorer rose open from deep raspberry-red buds held in sprays of six to twelve above newly emerged leaves richly tinted with red. As the disease resistant foliage matures, it forms a dark green backdrop for deep red blooms with the aroma of raspberries. Own root.


Angel Face

Ruby buds open to ruffled lavender flowers. Known for its unusual color, compact growth habit and strong fragrance.


Austrian Copper

Austrian Copper explodes with one of the most dazzling displays among roses. The long, upright canes are ablaze with color as yellow buds brushed with red open to blooms of copper-red with a brilliant yellow reverse, intensified further by bright yellow stamens and a strong licorice scent. Budded.


Belle Poitevine

Accompanied by dense, richly veined foliage, the deep magenta-pink buds unfurl in early summer to informal warm pink blooms that continue in fragrant waves until the arrival of frost. In fall, the foliage is transformed into a beautiful autumnal display of yellow and orange, accented perfectly by large orange-red fruit. Own root.


Blue Girl

Large, double blooms are an extraordinary lavender-lilac color. Light fruity fragrance. Blue Girl is a wonderful rose to use in a container or where space is limited.


Carefree Beauty

This Buck rose boasts thick, olive green foliage that is naturally resistant to disease. From spring until fall, the leaves provide a backdrop for lovely double blooms of coral pink that release a fresh apple fragrance. The addition of bright orange hips in autumn enhances the season-spanning performance. Own root.


Carefree Delight

With graceful canes up to 5 feet in length, this 1996 AARS winner has slightly cupped flowers held in large clusters of up to ten that deliver a fresh, light fragrance from petals of vivid carmine pink combined with a creamy white eye. The disease resistant foliage is rich dark green, complete with small red fruits come autumn. Own root.


Carefree Spirit

Clusters of single red cherry flowers with white eyes all summer long. Green glossy foliage.


Carefree Sunshine

From the creator of Knock Out®, this exciting rose combines that same disease resistance with fabulous yellow color. The buds, borne in clusters of three to five, are deep golden yellow and open to casual blooms of lemon-yellow from June until October. The dense, disease resistant foliage is satiny medium green. Own root.



This Explorer rose boasts profuse clusters of dark velvety blooms which deepen at the petal tips and provide a bounty of color and a fresh light scent from spring until the hardest frosts. Autumn finds the blooms accompanied by round orange hips. Resistant to disease and insects. Own root.


Charles Albanel

One of the smallest Explorers, this rose blooms with fragrant clusters of mauve-red flowers that recur throughout the season. A resilient rose that’s resistant to disease, it has a vivid autumn display of orange-red fruit along with orange and yellow fall foliage.



Paired with a white eye, the distinctive rose-pink petals of this rose literally seem to glow as the clusters of large single flowers cover the plant in a memorable, season-long performance. Excellent in a mass planting, it also provides a touch of color to the winter landscape with the arrival of small red fruit. Own root.


Chrysler Imperial

Large, double blooms of vivid crimson with darker overtones. Award winning fragrance. Forms a compact and symmetrical shrub. Perfect cut flower.


Double Delight

A striking rose with fully double blooms of creamy white flushed with dark red. A popular hybrid tea that has a good spicy fragrance.


Double Knock Out

The same wonderful characteristics of its sister, ‘Knock Out’ with twice as many petals. Cherry red blossoms attract attention all summer and give way to deep, purple fall foliage. Spent flowers drop cleanly. Hardy and disease resistant, drought tolerant once established. Own root.


Dream Come True

Catchy color blend, yellow with blushing touches of ruby-red. Long-stemmed beauties are lovely in the landscape and the vase.


Dwarf Pavement

Exceptional salt tolerance, small stature and compact habit combine to make this rose perfect for a variety of settings. Throughout summer, it’s enhanced by a plentiful rich fragrance released from large, semi-double pink flowers. As fall nears, it delivers a spectacular showing of scarlet red hips that is one of the best we’ve seen. Own root.


Easy Does It

Shades of peach, mango and apricot blend to create a spectacular mélange. Free flowering blossoms are held in large clusters above glossy, disease resistant foliage.


Easy Elegance All the Rage

A multi-colored spectacle with tight, coral buds swirling open to apricot-colored blossoms with luminous yellow centers, blooming steadily all season so there will always be a range of colors to admire. Blooms age to lipstick pink before dropping cleanly away. Add to that astonishingly clean, disease-resistant foliage and a perfectly round form and you have a plant that?s truly All the Rage.


Easy Elegance Coral Cove

Incredible color, petite size, super disease resistant, what more could you want? This everblooming gem has double blooms whose outer petals are dark pink changing to orange and finally to bright yellow at the center. The small, perfectly rounded form would make it an outstanding informal hedge along a walkway or garden path. The color is so easy to combine it should have a place in every perennial border. Highly disease resistant.


Easy Elegance Grandma’s Blessing

Resembling a hybrid tea, with large, full, dusty-pink blossoms, this beauty is so sweet we named it after Margaret ‘Grandma’ Bailey. Grandma’s Blessing has a symmetrical, vase-shaped form and dark-green, disease-resistant foliage. Stunning color combines beautifully with many perennials. Also makes an elegant low hedge


Easy Elegance High Voltage

Shockingly beautiful, clusters of yellow blossoms are held high on sturdy canes. Super clean foliage complements the fragrant, double blooms. Upright, vase-shaped habit will stand up in the back of the border or stand out as an accent. Adds a jolt of color to any garden situation.


Easy Elegance Kashmir

Resembling a hybrid tea rose, the velvety red blossoms are as soft as cashmere and beg to be cut for the vase. With an evenly rounded habit Kashmir fits perfectly into today’s urban landscapes. Try this bold accent plant in the border, foundation or as a low hedge, hugging paths and walkways.


Easy Elegance Kiss Me

Decidedly the most fragrant rose in the Easy Elegance Collection, Kiss Me bears clusters of large, double, clear pink blooms, reminiscent of English roses. It flowers all season, and is especially attractive in the perennial border. Highly disease-resistant foliage adds to its appeal as a cut flower.


Easy Elegance Little Mischief

Let mischief reign in your garden with this compact everblooming rascal. New blooms of deep-pink with a white eye contrast nicely with the lighter pink aging blooms. With its glossy green foliage, low-growing habit and disease-resistant foliage, the only trouble this rose will get into will be with the rose it replaces in your garden. A wonderful companion plant in a border planting, a hedge plant or in a decorative container as the star performer.


Easy Elegance Mystic Fairy

Irresistible blooms of rich red with pink undertones carpet the plant in massive clusters all summer long. New foliage is glossy red, which slowly gives way to dark green mature leaves, a striking complement to the blooms. This compact, vigorous shrub rose is crown hardy to zone 4 and resistant to both blackspot and mildew.


Easy Elegance Pink Pearls

This blooming machine looks as if it were strewn with multitudes of little pink pearls. Frilly petals open wide revealing a white eye and golden stamens. Sturdy and low growing with a tight, compact habit. Equally attractive in the front of a mixed border or in a decorative pot. Accepting of less than perfect growing conditions. Disease-resistant, medium green foliage.


Easy Elegance Sunrise Sunset

As the name implies, Sunrise Sunset is a stunning blend, with bright fuchsia-pink petals, blending to apricot near the centers. Blue-green foliage is disease-resistant on this everblooming shrub rose. Its dense, spreading habit makes it an ideal ground cover and is also well suited to mass plantings. A vigorous grower, even in zone 4.


Easy Elegance Sweet Fragrance

Hybrid tea-shaped buds in tropical tints of coral and orange with a deep yellow base swirl open to full, sweetly fragrant, apricot blossoms. Each bloom matures to salmon-pink adding interest with the range of color. Clusters of buds and blooms are held on sturdy canes making them perfect for cutting. A vigorous, upright grower with excellent disease-resistance.


Easy Elegance Yellow Brick Road

Neat, round, compact shrub covers itself with clusters of old-fashioned, lemon-yellow blossoms. Interestingly, the outer petals are slightly lighter in color. Blooms mature to effect. Will add a splash of color in the front of the border, as a groundcover and also as a low hedge.


Forth of July

Unlike any other climbing rose as far as color and style. Clusters of showy, single blossoms of deep velvety red striped with white are very long lived and hold their color very well.



Hansa typifies the hardy shrub rose for many, a vigorous and resilient rose with a splendid multi-seasonal display. The large blooms of vibrant reddish-violet release an intense clove fragrance, yet that’s just a portion of it. With the approach of fall, the leaves take on an orange hue and a profusion of large, meaty red fruits. Own root.


Henry Kelsey

The long limber canes of this Explorer Series rose make it a perfect climber. The disease resistant foliage is dark glossy green tinted with burgundy to complement the large clusters of vivid red flowers, bright golden stamens, and its rich spicy fragrance. Small orange hips at the end of the season add to our appreciation. Own root.


Hot Cocoa

The unique color ia a chocolaty-orange to dark red with a rusty orange reverse. Fruity fragrance. Dark green foliage has excellent disease resistance.


Jens Munk

Veiled in spicy fragrance, the petals of this Explorer Series rose gently wrap around the center of each clear pink blossom, to hide and then finally expose its bright yellow stamens. Dense and resistant to disease, the rugose foliage turns shades of orange and yellow in autumn to accompany bright red fruit and lingering blooms. Own root.


John Davis

Backed by glossy leathery foliage, the trailing red canes of this Explorer Series rose are lovely when trellised but equally spectacular when allowed to roam. Carried in clusters of up to seventeen, each blossom opens its outer petals nearly flat to frame the clear pink center, before opening fully to the scent of spice. Own root.


Joseph’s Coat

A multi-colored Floribunda rose which can be trained as a climber. The double flowers range in color from golden-yellow with an orange and red tinge to red.


Julia Child

Personally chosen by Julia, for its old-fashion style and delicious fragrance, the buttery-yellow blooms flower all season.


King’s Ransom

The long slender buds open to exceptionally large, double golden-yellow flowers. A vigorous grower with abundant blooms and a fruity fragrance.


Knock Out

Clusters of deep cerise buds open to blooms of cherry red backed by deep green foliage tinged slightly with burgundy. In fall, foliage takes on a deeper burgundy cast and bright orange-red hips appear. Crown hardy to zone 4 when mulched to ensure hardiness.



Shades of reds and purples blend effortlessly in richly colored flowers that open nearly flat to reveal prominent stamens of bright gold. As they do, the clusters of loose double blooms fill the air with the scent of cloves. Very disease resistant, the deeply wrinkled foliage puts on a colorful fall show complemented by orange-red hips. Own root.


Marmalade Skies

A compact floribunda rose with brilliant tangerine-red blossoms that literally cover the plant all season long.


Marie Bugnet

The small clusters of long, pointed buds of this refined rose unfurl to fragile snow-white blooms that are richly scented with spice. The new foliage opens light green then matures to olive, on compact stems of red that stand out beautifully against winter snows. Plant this lovely rose where the aroma can be readily appreciated. Own root.


Mister Lincoln

Declared one of the 10 most fragrant roses in the world. Chosen as the All-America Rose Selections winner in 1965. Also given the honor of ‘All Time Classic’ as one of only 7 roses in the world.


Modern Centennial

This Parkland Series rose flowers all season with especially profuse flushes of rich pink flowers at beginning and end. The lightly scented blooms appear in clusters among healthy, disease resistant foliage before being replaced by persistent red hips.


Modern Fireglow

This low growing Parkland Series rose has elegant pointed buds and beautiful cupped flowers, borne in clusters of up to five, that glow with petals of fiery orange-red and a brilliant scarlet reverse.


Modern Sunrise

The first yellow-flowering Parkland, this rose has dark foliage with much improved resistance to blackspot. The creamy orange-yellow buds open to fragrant flowers with wavy petals and orange stamens. As they age, the color matures from dark orange over yellow, to light orange with bright yellow, to creamy yellow with white. Own root.


woodsii Mountain Rose

The buds of this native open to lovely pink blooms that carry a sweet scent. As autumn approaches, it provides persistent glossy red hips that serve as food for wildlife, as well as providing lovely ornamentation to a planting. Tolerant of light shade and challenging conditions, this is an adaptable and beautiful rose. Own root.


Nearly Wild

With its low growth habit, great disease resistance, nonstop bloom, and inescapable nostalgia, this is an ideal landscape rose. The elegant, pointed buds open to single pink flowers that are beautiful in their simplicity. The blooms are sweetly scented with apple, and are held above foliage tinted just slightly with red. Own root.


Northern Accents

Lena’s frilly pink and white flowers just keep on blooming. Masses of them are held above the bright green, disease resistant foliage.

Patriot Dream

Beautifully pointed dark salmon buds swirl open to a perfect hybrid tea shaped bloom. The vibrant, deep salmon orange blossoms stand out brightly against the disease resistant foliage, offering a pleasant, fruity fragrance.


Pink Double Knock Out

This close relative of the famous Knock Out® holds true to its reputation for being a true champion in the garden. Combine the disease resistant attributes that made Knock Out such a popular garden plant, with an abundance of double, hot-pink flowers to give us yet another winner. The plant habit is comparable to Knock Out, making it suitable for many garden spaces.


Pink Promise

Large blossoms in a blend of pinks, spiral open to highly fragrant blooms. This stunning rose has been honored to represent the National Breast Cancer Foundation as they search for a cure.


Prairie Sunrise

The clustered buds of this Buck rose are deep apricot-red against glossy foliage. As they open, sunrise is blended in the quartered blooms. Very fragrant, petals range from salmon to deep apricot over a yellow base, with a yellow reverse that warms to pink at the tips.


Queen Elizabeth

Orchid-pink buds open to shimmering pink blooms with an excellent tea fragrance. Declared “All Time Classic” by the World Federation of Rose Societies.


Ramblin Red

The foliage is borne on strong pliable canes, and displays a touch of red before maturing to deep, dark green. Compared to its parent, Henry Kelsey, it has equal hardiness, slightly better disease resistance and fuller flowers of a rich, more true, red. Own root.


Rugosa Mauve

The pointed buds of this rugged, adaptable rose open to flowers of a heady, spicy perfume. Propagated from seed, the blooms may vary from pale pink and deep rose to nearly crimson, with an occasional white for good measure. The disease resistant foliage is deeply veined, enhanced by brilliant fall color and bright red hips. Own root.


Scarlet Meidiland

Possibly the most vigorous of the Meidilands, this rose will spread up to 6’ and conquer the most difficult of circumstances. The rich, disease resistant foliage backs a blanket of vivid scarlet clusters, each composed of ten to fifteen flowers. The small ruffled blossoms are lightly fragrant and appear from June until frost.


Sea Foam

Large clusters of fragrant double blooms cover this vigorous rose in rolling waves of creamy white. With trailing canes that spread readily, it is an excellent groundcover or a nice small rambler. The foliage is lustrous dark green and very resistant to disease. As autumn approaches, tiny reddish hips join the display. Own root.


Strike It Rich

A 21st century version of the much-loved ‘Sutter’s Gold’ rose. It has the same strong, spicy fragrance, long elegant buds and amazing blend of golden yellow and ruby red. The blossoms are long lasting and hold their color to the very end. A vigorous grower with natural disease resistance. Budded.


Sunset Celebration

These rose blossoms present a warm creamy blend of apricot, amber and pink and have a sweet fruity fragrance. The blooms are held high on long stems, excellent for fresh cutting.


Sunny Knock Out

From the creator of Knock Out®, a brand new color for this popular rose family. Sunny Knock Out® has an upright habit, clean dark green foliage, and terrific everblooming qualities.


Therese Bugnet

With their heady spicy aroma, these lovely mauve pink blooms have a papery texture that belies the toughness of this rose. Opening from buds of dark red, the abundant blooms recur above gray-green foliage held on nearly thornless stems. In fall, the foliage turns deep red. The dark wine canes are exceptional against snow. Own root.


White Meidiland

A vigorous groundcover with canes that spread to 5’, this rose looks equally at home blanketing a difficult slope or cascading like a waterfall of blooms over a wall. The foliage is large and leathery, concealing the canes and providing a dark glossy backdrop for the profusion of large gleaming white flowers. Own root.


William Baffin

From June until hard frost, the thick upright canes of this Explorer Series rose are covered with clusters of up to 30 informal blooms of strawberry pink highlighted by stamens of bright yellow. Hardy, vigorous, and resistant to pests and disease, this handsome climber has small red-orange rose hips that carry it into winter. Own root.


Winnipeg Parks

The pointed buds of this Parkland rose are borne in small clusters of deep pinkish-red and open to dark cherry pink flowers with a dark pink reverse. The slightly fragrant flowers age to dark pink backed by matte green foliage that takes on a reddish tinge in fall. With a bonus of red hips, this compact, low growing rose is a beauty. Own root.